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Stories are how we communicate as a species. 

Stories are what connects us.

Stories are how we best retain information.

Your story makes you unique.

Share yours with your clients.

My background in TV news always guides me back to telling stories, and I'll help you find and tell one that makes you stand out and be more personal.

My style of videos may not be for everyone.

You'll notice a few things about the videos:

  • They look directly into the camera. This is on purpose. Eye contact creates connection. I use special equipment that makes this easy!

  • No additional video or "B-roll." This keeps the filming session simple and reduces costs. It also ensures no unnecessary visual clutter and maintains focus on the person in the story.

  • There's an actual STORY being told. Saying that you provide "excellent customer service" is not a story. That's a given. Saying that you "close on more houses then anyone else in the market" is facts and figures. My goal with these profile videos is to provide a personal, real story you can share with your clients.

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2017 ATX Real Estate Vids

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